Was $7.95, now $3.95

      The Kindle price for Fearkiller (Volume 1) has been reduced. The reason I did this is that Fearkiller (Volume 2) will be here sooner or later. (Can’t provide more details than that, but will when I can.) If you go to Fearkiller (Volume 1)‘s Amazon page and preview the first chapters, you meet Doc in chapter … Continue reading

“Navy One” (chapter excerpt)

– From Fearkiller (Volume 1), available now at Amazon.   Navy One enters the traffic pattern, an invisible, spiraling-downward, racetrack oval that runs counterclockwise in the air around the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln. Normally, this flight pattern would be filled with other jets, each descending in its own semi-circular left turn. Each jet forty-five seconds … Continue reading

My father. CEO.

  I say a lot of critical things about CEOs. These days, as rentier economics is taking over, they earn my negativity. Articles like this one prove my point. The way many CEOs run their businesses today, I think of the words from a meme I recently saw. I believe it was for the AFL-CIO: … Continue reading

It’s time to revolutionize

Chapter excerpt from Fearkiller (Volume One):   Our first, most obvious target audience is people who own fish, right? The genius of where the Egan® brand is headed is that this target audience is age, gender, political affiliation, and demo-psycho-graphic neutral. They own fish. Fish that need to be kept in line. But we’re not thinking … Continue reading

So my story got a report card…

Last fall, I found yourfirstreview.com. The price was nice, so I thought, why not? As part of their review service, they offered a Report Card. The idea of grading my story had never occurred to me, I was intrigued to see how would Fearkiller (Volume 1) would do in school. And grades are in, I’m proud to share. … Continue reading

Syria: No.

Dear Mr. President, I can’t believe I’m siding with this current Congress, but I hope they vote down your request for war with Syria. (Though before going further: if the U.N. inspectors deliver their research results and there is sufficient evidence that Assad is indeed using chemical weapons, then it’s time for the U.N. to … Continue reading