So my story got a report card…

Last fall, I found The price was nice, so I thought, why not? As part of their review service, they offered a Report Card. The idea of grading my story had never occurred to me, I was intrigued to see how would Fearkiller (Volume 1) would do in school. And grades are in, I’m proud to share. … Continue reading

Syria: No.

Dear Mr. President, I can’t believe I’m siding with this current Congress, but I hope they vote down your request for war with Syria. (Though before going further: if the U.N. inspectors deliver their research results and there is sufficient evidence that Assad is indeed using chemical weapons, then it’s time for the U.N. to … Continue reading

The Trayvon Martin case “evidence”

Justice was not served. This country has far to go. I’m tremendously sad about all of it. I am posting because one point that keeps being made is that the case itself was shoddy. According to a certain train of thought, this case would never have made it to court if race didn’t politicize everything. The evidence … Continue reading

Sequester leads to The Recession®

Christine Lagarde, Chief of The IMF, is telling it like it is. Government, Congress, entitled old white guys: your inaction has repercussions. While these repercussions that don’t affect you,  they can devastate others in the country—and the world. A chunk of this country, people who are paid good money to make decisions, doesn’t seem to … Continue reading

Thanks again, Gandhi.

  Saw this bit of awesomeness while waiting in line to check out somewhere last week. People like Gandhi were proof that giant far away elements of the Universe (think dark matter and dark energy—entities that we Earthlings can’t define yet) have connections to our planet. I’m looking forward to having a great week. I … Continue reading