— excerpt: Notes from Trillionaire Island: Fearkiller (Volume 2). Also posted at Medium.   Optimism.   Take a minute and ponder the concept of a hot tub. Get your mind out of the gutter. We’re not being pornographic here. Think about what you buy versus what you desire. You fork out a couple grand for a … Continue reading

Quick book announcement

Hello and happy Sunday. I need to make a quick announcement. The book: I had spacing issues in a couple of later chapters. (Learning about how things lay out in different Kindle versions when you’re a writer who puts scripts in their stories.) I fixed these issues. If you bought a book and those chapters … Continue reading

First 30 pages of my story

Well, Notes from Trillionaire Island: Fearkiller (Volume 2) is now available. I’m excited. More blog posts on the story’s core subject matter soon: the post-Great Recession growth in income inequality, offshore banking, and predatory capitalism are some of the areas covered. In the meantime, check out the opening 30 pages of my story. (The Amazon page has the … Continue reading

Sequel news

Notes from Trillionaire Island: Fearkiller (Volume 2) Author’s Note.   First off: to those who have read Fearkiller (Volume 1), thanks. It’s been a cool ride in the almost-two years since I put that book out there. The strain of fear I wrote about in that story is still around, but I see it lessening … Continue reading

Fearkiller (Volume 2) epigraph

Hi everyone, I hope all is well and this crazy world isn’t freaking you out too much. More news soon, but I wanted to share the Epigraph for Fearkiller (Volume 2). This is the opening before everything begins, with relevant quotes from other sources to set up the story. In the meantime, Like Fearkiller on Facebook  … and … Continue reading