I’m about to blog as I’ve never blogged before. (I haven’t really ever blogged before.)

So I finally got my stuff together and got this Website going. I’ve owned the URL since 2003, might as well use it, right? For the moment, I’m mainly going to blog about Fearkiller, my book that will be out really really soon. (How soon? Soon. That soon.) Since I’m throwing caution to the wind and self-publishing a book, it would be nice if people read it.

Some topics related to my story:

• Fear, Living in Fear and Fearmongering

• Layoffs and The Economy—the transformation of the job market

• Watching the world stage transform between 2000 and 2010

• George W. Bush is an idiot



If you’ve seen my Fearkiller Facebook page, you’ll be seeing some of those posts again here for a bit. I want to populate this Site with those links as well. But for the moment, it’s Friday afternoon, rolling into the evening, bye now. 


One thought on “I’m about to blog as I’ve never blogged before. (I haven’t really ever blogged before.)

  1. I can’t find your email addy anywhere. Mine is the same as my website, lauralstapleton.com with that @yahoo thing in the middle. If you go to the website and check out the tabs across the top, you’ll see all my works, published and in progress. If you see something you wouldn’t mind exchanging a review for, holler and I’ll send over a copy for the intriguing Fearkiller. Guys seem to like Undeniable the best. It’s a gritty western with serious romantic tones, while The Very Best Man is the usual contemporary romance with some family drama.

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