Pee contains water. Water extinguishes fires.

The wildfires here in CO. Wow. No one I know was hurt, so I’m thankful for that.

Call the rest of this post just a random thought from somebody who has no idea what it takes to fight a fire. (In my industry, people’s lack of knowledge and insight about a situation never stops them from commenting on it.)

But I do know that pee contains water. And we all pee. 

In those weeks leading up to the first fire, we in Colorado were dealing with 90+ temperatures and almost zero humidity. One of the issues with the firefighting was lack of water.

What doesn’t lack water? A human being needing to pee.

Here’s a thought on a contingency plan, something to anticipate a need. Base a pee-pickup-and-delivery system on curbside recycling. During the summer months, we each keep a jug next to the toilet. #2: toilet. #1: jug. Each day, you take your jug of pee out to the curb, where your city-delivered larger jug is sitting. Then, every third day or so, a tanker cruises down your block, emptying the larger jugs into a fuel-tanker-type rig.

Then we find a few places in the mountains for makeshift pee reservoirs, away from people who don’t want to smell pee. Places where the helicopters and planes, tankers, etc, can fill up, then go fight the fire.

Who would we hire to staff this operation? People looking for work. (Plenty of those out there.) 

Pee-filled fuel tankers heading up the mountain? Normally, yeah, not the sight you expect to see. But when your state is on fire, you have to expand your thinking.

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