Political Channel For The Presidentials

Political Channel For The Presidentials

Take out a piece of paper. On the left side, imagine a blue arrow pointing at the middle. On the right side, imagine a red arrow pointing at the middle from the other direction.

Smack dab in the middle, is Billy PresidentQuestions, asking those questions that the rest of us won’t—or can’t think of.

(The name, I wanted to have something that may get searched. I want someone looking for real political info to find this channel instead. I tagged each video with stuff like “2012 Election” too.)

Billy loves America. Billy bought the sales pitch hook line and sinker. Billy thinks of all those other countries that have no idea what cars are.

Stop by the page, gain a new perspective on our political system. And next person you see who says that they are tired of the election coverage, send them to this page.

And buy Fearkiller please.

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