Fear isn’t cynicism, sorry.

Call this a random thought for the day, not based on a particular big event just more like a whole bunch of smaller ones. 

Cynics of The World: put a sock in it. 

I’m tired of people who pride themselves on their use of this entity they call cynicism, which is in fact an entirely different entity called fear. True, it is repackaged to contain elements of cynicism, and those who wield it appear to be cynical the way they go on and on questioning anything and everything.

But what is happening instead is that an entity named fear is being used by a human being to keep the world at arms’ length.

These people walk through life scared. That thing they call cynicism offers them an easy rationalization for walking through life scared. 

Here’s a thought, no science to it: roughly 7 in 10 people who tell you that they question everything, are critical of everything, are cynical of everything—are in reality just chickenshit little souls. The thing they call “cynicism” is their defense mechanism.

True cynics discover new layers in truth. “Cynics” want to keep the world away. 

Don’t get me wrong, if you still want to go through life deploying this behavior, please do. In fact, here and there people like these do in fact contribute positive thought to the collective ether. (They just contribute this positive thought maybe 1 out of every 20 times that they contribute thought. And hooooo-boy are they excited to share this thought with the world.) 

Just quit with the self-importance. Embrace your meaningless armchair-quarterback existence for the sameness and sadness that it is. Your position on the sidelines of life, keep the benches warm and be proud to keep them warm.

But here’s another idea: tell us you’re scared.

It’s okay. The rest of us are scared, too.

Being scared and living in fear aren’t the same thing. 

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