If he wins, no “O. The President” stickers, please.

And on the other hand (disclosure: I voted for Obama) if Mitt Romney wins, I hope the Republicans don’t repeat some type of statement like the “W. The President” stickers that popped up after Bush won reelection in ’04.

I worked with a guy who got one, told me with a chuckle that “he got it to remind the rest of us… just in case we forget…”

(The ellipses are meant to convey the subtle tone in his voice, I will blog more about ellipses and their rise in importance later on, but my book has plenty of thoughts on them as well.)

Both sides, an agreement to be honored regardless of who the winner is: how about no gloating?

We got problems to solve. End-zone dances later.

Here’s the thing: humanity is just going through growing pains right now. Mankind’s collective predicament is like an animal wriggling out of its old outer shell because the newer one underneath is more in tune to its needs going forward.

Our technology/connectivity/information availability/disease-curing innovations of the past 10-20 years? We’re still trying to wrap our heads around the possibilities, that’s all. The staggering amount of possibilities creates feelings of consternation. We’re only being human.

And I really dig (believe it or not) the energy in the air at the moment. Yes, it’s negative, but it’s inspired as well. That has to count for something.

Growing pains. I believe those are the cause of those feelings.

But for the record, here on November 6, 2012:


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