Power To The People! (Kind of.)

Power To The People! (Kind of.)

Agencyspy is a fun site to visit here and there for my business. Though it’s weird when your own business is evolving towards creating more relationships with smaller clients versus freelancing for agencies. The world and its politics that sites like these cover, it’s a familiar world for me, but not from yesterday or even the last few years. 

I just wanted to post this article for two reasons—and they are contradictory. 

One: Since I used to work in this type of environment, I do appreciate the power of the mass-sharing of salaries. I saw a guy go from a dedicated employee to one who quit a year later for more money, after learning that someone who shared his title made $25Gs more/year than he did. He shouldn’t have learned this information, but then again, he damn well should have. And he did the right thing: he re-channeled that energy into re-tooling his portfolio and letting the world know that he was available for work. And now, years later, he is working on greater projects, for more money. 

Two: With regards to the person who accidentally forwarded this information, that could have been any one of many people in this world. And I don’t like the way we as people have become vultures, circling the air waiting for another’s misfortune. Yes, this tendency has always been there, but due to technology it has new avenues to connect with others that may share this vulture-like worldview. I was just reading some of this article’s comments, that’s all. People who live in constant fear of doing something like this are rejoicing that, today, thank the stars, they weren’t this person. Yes, today, they were NOT this person, and that inspires them to write in anonymously to this blog about how happy this makes them. Goooooo people!

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