The NRA’s statement isn’t fear mongering.

Well, the NRA finally responded to the shooting. 

In a way that didn’t fear monger. Nope. This isn’t fear mongering at all.

This is a group of folks collectively crapping their pants.

The folks who helped Wayne LaPierre write, rehearse, rewrite, rehearse, rewrite, then rehearse this speech are a group of folks who displayed their NRA stickers proudly and in-your-facely their entire lives. That sticker gave them a swagger and a sense of entitlement and a belief that they were better than other people.

That energy is gone. This speech is proof. If you need a visual definition for “act of desperation”, look at this speech.

Those folks are only beginning to wrap their head around the idea that the future for their organization is going to be very different.

Wayne LaPierre’s speech? Not worth getting angry over.

It’s the Holidays.

Happy Holidays everybody!



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