Nacchio: should’ve been a Wall Streeter.

Joe Nacchio is a bad guy.

Just ask many former Qwest employees.

The reason I’m posting this article is that I am thinking of the sheer amount of time and money and investigative energy and courtroom brain damage it took to convict Nacchio to just 70 months in prison in a minimum security facility.

But why I’m really posting is that, compared to the executives on Wall Street, he’s doing chain-gang style hard time.

Not one CEO or senior executive of the financial institutions that played the biggest part in crashing our economy has been indicted—much less convicted—of crimes related to their roles in the mortgage crisis.

Not even indicted. Many got lots more money after everything crashed. And the “too big to fail” rationale got them hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars.

I’m actually in a great mood on this fine Monday, really. It’s weird I wanted to post something that makes me sound so negative.

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