Military personnel and fetuses: the similarities

I’m writing this as our GOP Congress is roadblocking a new veterans’ aid bill.

The Senate’s version of the bill passed with a vote of 93-3.

But Wall Street—excuse me, the Republicans in The House of Representatives—won’t have it.

Two groups of human beings, our people in uniform and fetuses, have something in common. As an ideal, insecure white guys who increasingly hate our changing world worship these visions. The problem is these visions don’t translate into reality very well, because reality is, well, reality.

That vision of the soldier in these white guys’ heads: young, athletic, spirited, with a shaved head and shined shoes.

That unblemished vision of the fetus: innocent, free of scratches and blemishes. Their heads aren’t shaved because these beings haven’t lived long enough to grow hair yet.

Look at both of these groups.

They’re soooo… perfect.

Damn those soldiers for getting shot at, then experiencing physical and psychological trauma afterward.

Damn those unborns for being born.

If only the world was more perfect.

When you’re at the top and you’re creating a situation where you reap even more wealth for yourself, you can hate the world for not being perfect.

Not only can you hate the world for not being perfect. You can punish the world for not being perfect.

You can cut veterans benefits and block busloads of children.

On a side note, if you are going to turn away a busload of children, make sure you have your story straight first. 



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