Quick book announcement

Hello and happy Sunday. I need to make a quick announcement. The book: I had spacing issues in a couple of later chapters. (Learning about how things lay out in different Kindle versions when you’re a writer who puts scripts in their stories.) I fixed these issues. If you bought a book and those chapters don’t lay out right and you think I’m uncool, please please please e-mail me. chrismaley@me.com I have a new copy for you. As an initial purchaser of my book, you showed a faith in my work and I understand the importance of that. Thank you for purchasing Notes from Trillionaire Island: Fearkiller (Volume 2) and I want you to have a great reading experience.

Related news: to everyone. This Tuesday and Wednesday, my book will be FREE, yes that’s right: FREE. (I’ve been in my business so long, I don’t know how to write that word unless I put it in all caps.) I am running my first Kindle promotion, more details next day or so. But, if you have a Kindle or iPad, you’re good for this.*

* I think.







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