Power trips promised. Power trips denied.

World: America finds itself inside a perfect storm. A moronic, pathetic, perfect storm.
LBJ quote

Author’s Note: I started this article yesterday, before the terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand happened. I opened it up this morning and it feels different reading through it. My driving thought is about this scuttlebutt over America being on the verge of a civil war, but a terrorist attack by a white supremacist Australian connects to the content of this piece. Innocent people’s lives are increasingly endangered so a few people can profiteer from a system that relies on outdated ways of thinking. This piece itself doesn’t address another issue that I’ve written about before, but the #christchurch attack prompts me to enclose a thought about it: us white people could do a better job of understanding the threat faced by our fellow Americans who don’t share our skin color. Non-violence is powerful. Peaceful protests threaten the system more than physical attacks. Unity scares the shit out of the billionaire class. But one all-too-common response to non-violence is the lone fringes of the other side lash out, like this white supremacist did in New Zealand. These petty souls attack innocent folks, not the people who truly anger them. The rest of us need to watch out for those individuals more than some organized group. 


Hey there, planet Earth.

Just a quick message from a guy in Denver, Colorado.

You’ve probably read about the USA in the papers. Yeah, it’s dumb here.

To recap the last few years:

On behalf of tax-avoiding billionaires, Donald Trump sold Fox News America a power trip. However, Donald Trump lost the popular vote by such a large margin that the power trip can’t be delivered to MAGA voters. This is indeed a perfect storm because the numbers don’t match the billionaires’ sales pitch. Not enough red-hatted nationalists exist in the country. The unrealistic pipe dream that got sold to them and their red hats can’t happen. The idea that America could return to the ‘50s (only without the tax rates, social programs, or sizable middle class…just the racism) is not possible.

It is not possible and every American knew it. Every American. Deep down, the most financially-stressed, downtrodden, societally-disadvantaged white American knew it.

Take a white person who…say…was born to a poor, single parent, didn’t graduate high school, got raised in foster care, scrapes to get by, doesn’t stay up to date on world matters now, doesn’t crack books often—this person still possesses the intelligence to understand the emptiness in Donald Trump’s campaign promises. As downtrodden as poorer whites are—and they are downtrodden, due to the fact that billionaires need money for divorce lawyers—their brains work.

World: no American bought his nonsense. Some just pretended to buy into it to chase the near-term buzz that it delivered.

In other words, this perfect storm could have been avoided and we all knew it.

To Fox News-watching America, an overprivileged authoritarian promising coal jobs and the olden days worked like a drug. Gollum and the Precious, I tell ya.

Now, these same people are hungover and facing bigger tax bills because the Investor Class needs their money for more yachts and divorce lawyers.

So, they are doing what these types of people do: blaming brown people and uppity women for their troubles.

The dumbest part of the power trip? The idea that America sits on the verge of “civil war” or whatever the latest Fox News rhetoric says.

MAGA voters do not want a civil war. The strategy is to provoke a fight, then call 911.

They believe that the nationalist agenda spent decades infiltrating law enforcement—which it did—and this development immunizes them from real violence. Danger-free violence.

Fox News talked these financially-strapped people into an experience similar to CNN covering Gulf War I back in ’90-’91.

Live video of buildings and roads blowing up. But this “civil war” thingie—the new Fox promise—the video streaming to their TVs and devices would be shot on American soil and the footage would show white liberals and brown people getting their heads bashed in by policemen and National Guard.

Just like Gulf War I…only that pizza parlor in the building without a basement where Hillary sold children from said basement will be one of the first targets in the bombadiers’ video sights.

Planet Earth, I repeat: nationalist Americans do not want a civil war. They want targets for their pent-up rage. Fox News America hates billionaires more than the rest of America hates billionaires. But they also understand: billionaires don’t mind when Fox News America re-channels this energy into hating people of color, gay people and college-educated women.

Fox News America wants to walk up to somebody “different” than them, yell something awful about this “difference,” then receive a moment of titillation from dodging a punch or causing a public disturbance.

Then—much in the same way that a BDSM submissive partner will yell the pre-agreed upon safe word to the dominant partner—Fox News America wants to call the police.

The stress in America stems from the fact that this isn’t happening.

These wannabe-Nazis don’t deserve a fight. Just honesty.

For all of the salivating in conservative circles about trainin’, gun-collectin’ and regiment-formin’, those of us on the left have discovered that denying them the “civil war” and telling them the truth instead is the better approach.

Yeah, we’re not playing fair. We know the rules…we are supposed to run into lines of police officers and get shot and those people are supposed to sit in their easy chairs at home and pretend that they are billionaires watching the carnage.

We know the rules. We just aren’t following them.

My fellow Earthlings, those idiots got promised the final days of the Roman Empire, with coliseums and togas and shit. So now, Fox News America is pissed, sitting in their seats at the coliseum. No terrified Christians are cowering in the middle of the arena surrounded by lions. The lions themselves are just wandering around the empty competition space, pawing at the dirt, looking worn out and underpaid.

Enough of Rome. Let’s go a little farther back. To Greece.

Talking about societal taboos to willfully-ignorant, amateur authoritarians—it’s like it needs to be a new Olympic sport or something.

“And up next: Byron McByron from Team USA is warming up in front of the biker bar. After he finishes stretching, he’ll walk inside and ask the increasingly-anti-Semitic patrons if they find it strange that they idolize white billionaires for hoarding money like the worst of the Jewish stereotypes. Can he do it? After the commercial break, we’ll see if he survives this one.” 

World: thanks for listening.

Anyone else want the planet to evolve to the point where all of us are doing Star Trek-type stuff?

I don’t just run my mouth about politics and how much I despise this new Nazi nonsense that Donald, the draft-dodging white knight, is fostering. I also write fiction. My new book, Revolutionizer Alpha, is available for pre-order now. 

The Revolutionizer Stories. We are not alone. 

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