Some characters in Revolutionizer Alpha.

The Revolutionizer Stories. We are not alone.

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Revolutionizer Alpha opens my sci-fi series, The Revolutionizer Stories.

This book takes place a few years from the present and starts off in a country that is coming apart at the seams.

Meet some of the characters:


A promotion. A new city. A fiance in the old city. Revolutionizer Project Liaison Officer Raquel Garcia’s life was moving along at light speed until it ran off the track.


Prof. D

Part-time political science professor. The Revolutionizer coverup doesn’t surprise Prof. D in the least. He wouldn’t expect anything less from our policy makers.



Eighteen and dancing in the chaos. If Revolutionizer Alpha and his crew are indeed planning something big, like the rumors say, Angel and her boyfriend want in.



Raquel’s old friend. After the Revolutionizer blowup, also her new partner. An upside to his job’s craziness is that it distracts Matt from his own craziness.



A research project offered her a new quality of life. Despite her misgivings, Nanette agreed to take part. Then it all crashed, proving her intuition right.



Out of work. Crashing on her sister’s couch. Before the layoffs, Sara took pride in the fact that her job that helped keep the world safe.



Reluctantly, he agreed to help two old friends with a task that would violate many rules. Once Ori said yes, he couldn’t turn back.


Revolutionizer Alpha, available at Amazon. 

Get a t-shirt, too. Gotta wear t-shirts.


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