Fear. Git some.


I must repost here, this slide was part of a PPT deck, handed out during an RNC fundraising weekend in 2010. The story about this document and its contents broke about 4-5 weeks after I began the first draft of my book. I had far to go, but the core of what I wanted to do was fairly solid. Solid enough to have this story freak me out. In a way, this was the journalistic version of my fictional story. (Though many Democrats and liberals aren’t guilt-free when it comes to the fear abuse I point out in my book.) 

This type of thinking is weakness. Plain and simple. 

It’s Friday afternoon, not in the mood to say much more now, I’m sure I’m not done talking about it, but check this story out, and check out the PPT deck, then re-read Chapter 1 that I have up here. 

If this is how an organization wants to appeal to you to make a donation, they deep-down have second thoughts about their issue. 

And if you work for a boss that treats you this way, they don’t respect you. 

So don’t feel bad about farting in their office after they’ve gone home for the night. Fart away.  

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