Save your job. Become evil.

“They just announced layoffs are coming.”

“Ohhhh that’s too bad.” 

“Now I’m going to see the worst sides of my coworkers.”

Same conversation. Different people. Just heard it yet again. I feel for some people, I do. But our world needs to move out of Survival Mode. Survival Mode is that place that allows you to justify your mistreatment of others.

Survival Mode should have a shelf life. And we’ve been in Survival Mode at least since 2008, possibly before that.

The concept of Survival Mode inspired a concept for my book:

The Y2K-Infected Barbarian Sex Cannibals.

Happy Friday The 13th, Y2K-Infected Barbarian Sex Cannibals—and all of you normal people too!

(I’m not being holier-than-thou here. I’ve just learned to recognize the Y2K-Infected Barbarian Sex Cannibal-ness in myself and move forward. I’m taking life one day at a time.)


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