The Debate: Entitled Patriarchal White Guy Showed Up

I ended last night’s debate thinking Obama should have showed more fight (that’s the nature of America 2012 Politics). To me, the outcome was Romney won, but in the vein of buying himself more time—far from a knockout. But today’s articles, and reading posts from people, I couldn’t figure out their declarations of victory. 

Then I figured it out. Their ol’ buddy showed up.

Not Romney, but the stereotype of the settle-down-you-people-your-benefactor-the-aged-white-guy-is-speaking-and-or-interrupting-and-will-answer-questions-with-testosterone-and-bravado-not-substance-now-do-what-you’re-told persona showed up. How familiar this persona must have felt for some people. 

A sign of things past. The operative word in this sentence is “past”.

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