“Chicago Politics” is the new “Class Warfare”

My book focuses on a strain of something ugly. I’m offering readers a look at the years 2000-2010 through the lens of this something ugly. Unfortunately, this something ugly is alive and well and didn’t die at the the beginning of 2010. In the last say, 24 hours, the new articulation for this entity is the term “Chicago Politics”, in reference to the positive news in the jobs report. 

Look at the news, look at people’s posts. In the little bit of the news I saw today, I saw “Chicago politics” a bunch. The idea is to link our President with the tactics of the Chicago Democratic Machine of the 1930s-70s.

Look people, your rights as citizens allow you to question our world all you want. And if you want to question the positive jobs numbers, please do. 

But know this: our President is not holding seances and consulting with the ghosts of Mayor Daley and the Chicago bosses in regards to our current economic picture using a Ouija board. 

Pop-quiz: name a four-letter word. Begins with an ‘f’. 

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