Wall Street is down? Gamblers feeling down on their luck?

So people are freaking that the market is down since the election. 

Yes, that investment institution that has spiraled downhill into a gambling casino is down. That “business” where computing programs manipulate market prices using timing and fractions of pennies to look for short-term gains—even if this means sacrificing the long-term health of a company—isn’t happy that our President got elected. Those who are looking to get rich quick aren’t happy. 

I’d respect you people more if you still respected the concept of investment capital. When investors understand that they aren’t entitled to giant quarterly returns, and when companies aren’t laying off people in the short-term to boost their stock price to kiss Wall Street’s ass, I’ll care that you all are pulling your money out of the market. 

I have zero sympathy for the Gordon Gekko wannabes of the world. 

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