Seven Signs Your Employees Hate You

Seven Signs Your Employees Hate You

This is a great article. Those middle managers who brag about being fearmongering autocrats should take note. (I know they won’t, but I just wanted to say nonetheless.)

I am posting this article here just because I remember a conversation with a friend, maybe 18 months ago. He was a former freelancer like me, but he went full-time because he had a family.

He called me, chuckling but only kind-of-chuckling. His supervisor brought the whole team into his office that day, to “make things clear”. That supervisor had posted a position on a job board, and within 5 hours had a few hundred resumes. He printed out every one and had his team come into his office to peer at the stack of resumes. To “make things clear”. My friend and the whole team were working nights and weekends, now they got the message that they need to do all of this with a smile on their face.

Yes, the fear mongering will continue and the beatings will continue until morale improves. Message received, loud and clear.

I just contrast this type of managerial thinking with the article link here.

And my friend? He and his wife tightened the belt, saved their money, created an action plan. One day down the road, my friend gave his notice to his Herr Dictator supervisor and no longer works there.

For more on fearmongering in the workforce, check out Fearkiller.

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