Some certainty about fiscal cliff uncertainty.

Some certainty about fiscal cliff uncertainty.

Articles like this inspired my book.

Stories about real people worrying about their jobs because their employers are hiding behind this curtain called “uncertainty” inspired my story. (Fear and uncertainty go hand-in-hand.)

I wrote about uncertainty a while back, but I saw this article and wanted to post something real quick before I get back outside to play on this lovely Colorado-Amendment-64-passing day.

Want some certainty about the world right now? Here is some certainty.

A tiny, self-serving agenda is deliberately using innocent folks who are just trying to pay bills and spend time with their loved ones as pawns. Though they have throughout history, ever since Obama got elected in 2008 a group has offered a modern mutation on this tired old tactic and they’ve crossed some boundaries in doing it.

The Uncertainty card is tired. Just like the Threat Of Layoffs card and the Fear card.

I do understand a company’s issues at this moment in time, really I do. And the company in this article, their government subsidy potentially on the chopping block due to the budget realities—I understand this keeps management awake at night.

But Republicans and Job Creators: your tactic of using the worker who’s just trying to get the bills paid as a pawn to further your agenda is tired.

And the recent jobs report is proof that the economy is improving.

Your strategy of negativity and stagnation is failing.

No harm in abandoning it and creating a more cooperative and optimistic one.

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