Uncertainty. Give up hope—NOW!!!

Not really tons of thoughts. (It’s the Monday before Thanksgiving, coasting a bit.)

Just hearing the phase “economic uncertainty”, in relation to the reelection of our President.

Uh-oh. That darned “uncertainty” thing is bound to hang around now.

And you know, once “uncertainty” is present, we’re all hosed.

Uncertainty: The Oppressor of Mankind.

Can’t invest in the future, nope. Uncertainty will pop out of the bushes and eat you alive.

And now with this new entity, the fiscal cliff—the uncertain nature of it all.

But take a step back and look at the word “uncertain”.

All that word implies is that the future outcome is unknown.

Good? Bad? We don’t know yet. We’re uncertain.

Some people in this world want you to see the word “uncertainty” and focus on the potential negatives. 

My thought for the day is that next time you read the word “uncertainty” in the media, or hear it used to justify stagnation and lack of forward progress, remind yourself that the word itself implies that a positive outcome is possible.

What if something that is classified as “uncertain” today gets re-classified as “world-changingly amazing” years down the road? 

Know where else I wrote about uncertainty—especially in relation to Y2K and the years 2000-2010?

Yup. Fearkiller. 



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