That’s great you re-posted that. (But it’s not that great.)

Here’s my beef with the Internet.

I only care so much about what people are capable of finding.

I want to know what they are capable of.

This last sentence, I almost ended it with the word “doing”, then had the fresh thought of ending it with “creating”. But nope.

I want to know what people are capable of. 

I know some people are capable of finding other peoples’ work and reposting it. I just don’t know when this skill got to be such a big deal. “Curators” who re-post others’ hard work without even one sentence of their own insight into why something was posted—or even just a random brainfart about the posting—your place in life is at the little kids’ table.

Internet: you’re not as cool as you think you are.

Though I do thank the Internet for many of the changes it has brought to our world in the last few decades. Can’t deny its power. I had to give it some due attention in my book, though my story is a human story. (‘Star Trek’ emotion chips haven’t been invented yet, can’t write a story without emotions.)

Emotion-feeling, thought-having, human reader of this post who hurtled through the years 2000 through 2010 just like I did, please check out my new chapter. Tomorrow, Friday the 1st, is the ten-year anniversary of the event that inspired it.

Ten years. Time flies when you’re freaking out about the economy and war and housing and joblessness and—wait, what am I doing? You were there.

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