Austerity Hysteria: another phrase for The Recession®.

I’m running around, getting stuff done, but had to post this article real quick. 

A thoughtful look at the fragility of our current economy. The Republicans who want this country to become an oligarchy are exploiting this fragility at the expense of others who don’t have as many resources to rely upon.

When an economy is unstable, like ours, some people in this world use fear to further exploit this instability. (I wrote a book about this subject.)

“Austerity Hysteria”. Good phrase, Mr. Borosage.

To the arch-Right: your arguments for a dramatic scale-back would be more credible if corporate profits and investment profits weren’t reaching all-time highs. The American taxpayer bailed out Wall Street and Wall Street hoarded the money.

I call bullshit on you all, but go ahead, continue to do your part to create The Recession®. 

I don’t know if my posts will do much to stop you, but I don’t mind posting them.


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