Karl Rove vs. The Tea Party: place your bets.

We are watching a Party reinvent itself.

This Politico article about Karl Rove vs. the Tea Party is interesting. 

No, our times, the current state of the world, these are what’s interesting.

The beauty of our system of government is at work right now. If things feel scary, or the talk from the hard Right seem to be getting more heated, remember that our country was created with moments like the present in mind. The Republican Party is engaging in a dialogue about the future of their party, and all sides need to speak.

I have faith that the craziest elements in the GOP will continue talking until they cross some line in the minds of more moderate GOP folk. Finally, these moderates will join the rest of us in being appalled. What follows will be a true marginalization of the hard Right, which is what they deserve. Nothing violent, no. The moderates will just quit inviting the crazies to the Happy Hours and barbecues.

And no one’s rights will be trampled in the process.


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