FOX News: I don’t believe you.

I dogsat this weekend, nice break away from the routine.

Being snowy and crappy, it was a good chance to catch up on TV, too. Gotta say, had tune in to FOX News, check out what that crowd was up to

The sequester was the front and center topic, which made sense.

They were funny, accusing Obama of fearmongering. Reasoning was that if Congress doesn’t meet and the cuts kick in, the cuts themselves will be so minimal that no one will feel it.

They kept using the four-letter ‘f’ word, fear.

It’s funny, watching people who live their lives worshipping fear accuse others of abusing this entity.

My analogy to the Republican maneuvering that led us to this sequester point is that they forced the entire country out on to a tightrope. They have no problem forcing the entire country out here because they laid out lots of safety nets below where they and their cronies will be standing on said tightrope.

And their accusations of fearmongering are akin to shaking the tightrope underneath everyone else’s feet just to scare them.

It’s like the bully on the playground purposely intimidating somebody, then teasing that person with, “What’s the matter? Scared.”

To the FOX News teams that are so dismissive about the potential effects of the sequester: I don’t believe you.

You’ve given me plenty of reasons not to believe you.

You said trust trickle-down economics. Stack the deck in favor of the entitled white guy because once he is done “benefiting”, he will take care of everyone else.

You looked at us back then, and said, “trust us.”

Then you went and rewrote the tax system and made it easier for these “benefactors” to stow their cash overseas and not pay taxes.

Before the mortgage crisis, you all were the crowd that were telling people that assuming way more mortgage than they could afford was the way to go.

And behind these same people’s backs, you and your buddies were betting against the mortgage market while also setting yourselves up to be bailed out.

So, FOX News and the rest of the Republicans that are telling the world that to quit worrying about the upcoming sequester: I don’t believe you.

No. I do believe that many of you will be just fine, and this will be no big deal.

The middle class, however, I’m much more concerned for them.

And don’t accuse our President of fearmongering.

Fearmongers aren’t qualified to accuse others of fearmongering.

The Recession®.

Git some.


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