A sign of The Recession®

“I fear 4 more years will send a message to corporations and small business owners that it’s time to batten down the hatches and ride out the storm.” 

— a poster, news site. 

Just saw this. A while back I posted about The Recession®. The quote above, it was posted in response to an article about the recent positive jobs report (interestingly, my original link about The Recession® was in response to the previous jobs report– which was more negative than this most recent one). 

Brief recap: The Great Recession was a catastrophic economic event that began in November 2007 and ended somewhere in 2009. The Recession® is a manufactured negative economic situation designed to push the narrow interests of a few by hurting the masses. The quote above is The Recession® at work. 

A recession and The Recession®. There is a difference. 

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