80% of Americans, 7% of wealth

Check out this video, Wealth Inequality in America. 

This is a great six and a half minutes, well “great” maybe isn’t the word.

The last part of this, which shows how the graph can’t even accommodate the revised numbers from the extremes, hoo boy.

If The Recession® does indeed happen, those folks on the right side of this graph will be just fine.

But besides seeing all of this, I’m in a fantastic mood on this cloudy Denver Monday.

Not letting the money inequality do too much damage to my mood.

One day  a few years ago, being brokebrokebroke, I came to this conclusion:

I want to be rich enough to not worry about money.

However much money constitutes not worrying about money so my mind can focus on more important things, that’s how rich I want to be.

The rich folks that are owned by their money 24/7? Well I guess our values are just different.

Horrible, ham-handed segue time:

My book is in Tattered Cover. 

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