What’s the difference between a recession and The Recession®?

Well, our elected leadership in Washington couldn’t git ‘er done.

So it looks like we’re about to experience this sequester thing that’s been talked about so much.

Who knows? We might find our economy in The Recession®.

Not a recession.

The Recession®.

I’ve written about The Recession® here and there on this site. Here are a few thoughts from those posts:

“A recession is ‘a period of economic contraction.’ (dictionary.reference.com).

The Recession® is a negative economic situation manufactured by a narrow group of interests to help them create artificial justifications for their agenda. (me)”


“What are some other differences between a recession and The Recession®? For starters, The Recession®—unlike a true recession—doesn’t rely on economic forces to exist. The Recession® thrives on hysteria, uncertainty, paranoia, panic and fear mongering instead.”

This subject torques me so much because the agendas that are fostering The Recession® know full well what they are doing. They are more than aware that they are exploiting the delicate nature of our economy. These agendas, it’s the whole concept of beating up on weaklings applied to the economic arena.

It’s one group of Haves using the lives of Have-Nots as pawns in their never-ending quest to get under the skin of other Haves. It’s like a sport or board game to them.

Little boys of privilege who never grew up, acting like little boys. They created this product, economic instability, then packaged it up into this entity called The Recession® to market to other little boys of privilege.

And that’s what they are doing: using the fragile economy to beat up on other people, with the hope that their “adversaries” eventually comply. (The quotes here represent their worldview, not mine. Awful lot of warlike imagery these days from people who have never put on a uniform to defend our country or police our streets, but that’s another article for another day.)

If The Recession® could be packaged, the sales copy on the packaging would read “Tired of doing your job? Try The Recession®!!! 99.8%* guaranteed!!!”

We experienced a recession from late 2007 to 2009.

We’ve been mired in The Recession® ever since.

A recession is natural.

The Recession® is man made.

Enough about that subject, it’s Friday.  

A perfect day to buy Fearkiller (Volume 1).  


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