Not-so-crazy-Republican sighting.

I’ve decided, maybe one of my focuses for should be to post stories about the not-so-crazy Republicans.

They are there. 

(I can only imagine the freakout by moderates last year when Todd Akin ran his idiot-mouth about “the body has ways of shutting that thing down.”)

And actually I admire the moderate Republicans like Steve Schmidt who are standing up to the arch-Right. What I admire is that they still have a belief in our system of government. They are using their voices to push forth their ideas as well as put their foot down and say, “Heyyyyyy, crazies in my party, let’s walk it back, take a deep breath, count to ten, start believing in the theory of evolution.”

I just feel that these peeps probably have a lot of uncomfortable conversations and awkward silences at GOP cocktail parties nowadays. Now that times aren’t as good (wait, not quite accurate: the current GOP is a clusterfuck), the same crowd that had grand ol’ golf tourneys and fishing trips, etc aren’t as friendly to each other.

Which is good, obviously, because the GOP status quo wasn’t working, the election was evidence.

In times of flux like this, you gotta support the people that—even though you probably don’t agree with them on much—you agree with them that their party needs to evolve. I’m not imagining Steve Schmidt and I mesh on a lot of things, but with the Republican party the way it is now, I admire him for standing up to the bullying of the Right.


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