I Love Drinking

I found this poem, reposting here. I wrote it not long after I quit the booze. Please take a look.


I Love Drinking


So I’m thinking

I quit drinking

Three months ago

And here I go

Last night, this bar

I’ve come so far

Club soda lime

Doing me fine

This girl walks in

Engagement ring

First thing I see

Been maybe three

Years how time flies

No not an ex

I never asked

Always meant to

What can you do

The dude I’m with

He’s drunk as shit

Partner in crime

Only now I’m

Belly up sober

And now with her

Ginormous ring

Me not drinking

But tell you what

It was cool then

It turned funny

See my buddy

Sober lacks tact

Now four Jacks

Two beers he turns

He then tells her

Looking at me

Next to her he

Sees us this light

Us he says us

Her eyes her ring

They’re colliding

She looks away

And I must say

There’s my buddy

Those around me

My club soda

Nice and sober

And I’m thinking:

I love drinking.

— Chris Maley

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