The Trayvon Martin case “evidence”

Justice was not served. This country has far to go. I’m tremendously sad about all of it.

I am posting because one point that keeps being made is that the case itself was shoddy. According to a certain train of thought, this case would never have made it to court if race didn’t politicize everything. The evidence and facts themselves were so weak that no prosecutor would have ever brought the case to court, never in a million years. That’s what George Zimmerman’s defenders say.

They are blaming our President for mentioning the case, saying that he helped drag this “unwinnable” case out longer than it should have been dragged out.

Here’s the thing:

Let’s say the entire incident unfolded the same way, only Trayvon Martin was a rich white teenager.

For speculative purposes, say his father was a CFO of a giant corporation. And his mother was a college professor. Law.

And one night, their son decided to go to the store for an iced tea and some candy, only he didn’t make it home because he got shot.

Know what?

That boy’s killer would be in jail. No matter their race, the person who killed the white teenager in this hypothetical case would be in jail.

To George Zimmerman’s defenders: you’re right. The evidence wasn’t there to warrant a conviction for the death of a black teenager.

But the same evidence would have convicted the killer of a white teenager.

If not for Murder, most definitely for Manslaughter.

The racial background of the victim, Trayvon Martin, made his case less “prosecutable”.

That is the problem.

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