Publicis Omnicom Group employees: first 50 workers to be laid off will each receive a free copy of Fearkiller (Volume 1).


So there was a merger. Two publicly-traded companies worth tons of money are now an an entity with more cash than some countries.

Layoffs are going to happen.

(Not fear mongering here, I’m stating a fact. Worldwide, at least 50 people under the Publicis Omnicom umbrella are going to lose their jobs.)

To those who are employed at one of the Publicis Omnicom companies: as the new entity “creates synergies”, the first 50 layoffs will each receive a copy of my story. My contact info is here, drop me a line, I’ll send you a paperback or Kindle copy of Fearkiller (Volume 1).


Joblessness and living in fear to stay employed during the years 2000 through 2010 are key themes in Fearkiller (Volume 1). Think about that decade. We geared up for it by preparing for the world-ending possibilities that Y2K was going to bring. And nothing happened. Then, everything happened. Terrorism, wars, natural disasters—on top of the economic chaos that began when the 90s dotcom bubble burst.

As our world changed during these years, how did we change, as people? That is the question I tackled in writing and self-publishing this book.

Kirkus Review.

Amazon, $8.95 Paperback, $7.95 Kindle.

First five chapters, (a note of caution: violence, profanity, NSFW).

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