The Broncos and 9/11 are linked in my world.

Super Bowl XLVII baby!

I was reading through an old journal of mine last night, the entry is dated 10/22/04.

Because the Broncos are in the Super Bowl, and I’m excited as hell about this fact, I wanted to type in this entry here. I slightly paraphrased for clarity.

“… you and that Broncos game after 9/11. Your first moment feeling a little normal again. (The game was against the Cardinals, 9/23/01, the schedule of the season was interrupted due to the attack.) Getting into a Bronco game. WEIRD. Your last night of Normalcy was 9/10/01, watching the Broncos on Monday Night Football. That next morning you got out of bed to turn on the TV to see what happened to Ed McCaffrey. (He got taken out of the game the night before.) This was your last conscious moment before 9/11. Thinking about something Bronco-related, you turned on the TV—and what to say?

But then (the 9/23 game) you started to feel a little normal again watching the Broncos come back in the second half. Forgetting about 9/11 long enough to get into the game.”

My last conscious memory before turning on the TV to see the Twin Towers on fire (the third plane hit the Pentagon about three minutes after I started watching the news) was something related to the Denver Broncos.

And, my next conscious memory of anything besides the awfulness of that day was related to the Denver Broncos.

I remember that 9/23 game, getting into it when the Broncos rallied.


I remember thinking that getting into the game because the Broncos were rallying was okay. Before kickoff, I remember watching all of the attempts at patriotism and togetherness and wondering why we were watching football and going through this pageantry while parts of the World Trade Center ruins were still on fire.

But, then the game started. And the game took over.

When the Broncos started to stage a comeback in the second half, I was watching football again.

I thank the players who were on the field that day.

I thank them for getting down to the business of playing football and helping me escape from the negative energy of my life for a bit. That, when you think about it, is the game’s purpose.

For the Super Bowl, I want a Broncos win.

Though I want Richard Sherman to have an amazing game, filled with stats that contribute to his future marketabilty. Our world got its shorts in a bind over him, I’m sorry he had to apologize and justify his side. But I admire him more for doing it because he was thinking of the team before himself and wanting to progress forward. The world needs more men like him.

So, I want him to have an amazing game.

But I want the Seahawks to lose.


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