What do you think: is The Recession® upon us?

The Recession®

Today I was hanging out in a park near my place and celebrating the passage of Amendment 64. Scribbling a bit, thinkin’. (For you non-CO folk it was a 70-degree day, beautiful). If you like Fearkiller on Facebook (and if not, please do) you might have seen my postings about The Recession®. I posted about it here, too.

The phrase The Recession®, scribbling it inside this box, I like it. It’s like a brick of gold, only The Recession® is a brick of bullshit. Manufactured bullshit to gum up the wheels of economic forward progress. Each brick creates X amount of The Recession®, so you can tailor your usage of it. Certain stores carry it, only these stores are super-exclusive and  pre-qualify you to make sure your worth billions before you’re allowed to enter. And there, stacked in rows on the shelf are bricks of The Recession®.

A convenient thing about this product called The Recession® is that the purchasers (again: not many Earthlings possess the fundage for even one of these bricks) are immune to its effects. It’s not like an actual recession, which affects everybody. The Recession® can be aimed at certain groups and away from others.

Capitalism, where did you disappear to? You took off and a bunch of overprivileged weasel little boys took over the business world, pretending to be you.

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