When Victories Don’t Deserve Victory Parties

Income inequality is a bitch for rich white men, too.

Ahhhh, money.

Some of us enjoy paying off debts and buying a few nice things with it.

Others want to use it to control the masses and feel like mega-awesome super-dudes.

While some say, “Money. Sweet. I can stress a little less and buy something nice to surprise someone I love,” others say, “Precious… my… precious… we will swear… on the precious…”

Something increasingly Nazi-like about people who tie 100% of their interests to compounded interest. While their wealth exponentializes, others are scraping. Only since the 1%’s wealth isn’t exponentializing exponentially enough, they throw neo-Aryan temper tantrums about this fact. They whine and scream, and poor racist white people commit hari kari out of guilt. Well, they either kill themselves or they lash out at brown folks. One of the two. Oh well, as long as the 1% gets to avoid more tax obligations.

It must suck to live your whole life viewing money as a means to get away with wrongs while also turning others’ rights into wrongs—to see magical powers in money that don’t in fact exist, 2018 must be a trepidatious year to be alive. If a person loves bullying the world with dollars and cents, these current times must be tough.

White oligarchs started with a rigged cash register, rigged it even further, now they are complaining that people are talking about their rigging of the cash register.

On an unrelated-yet-completely-related note: the GOP stealing the Supreme Court, they don’t get it: their actions delegitimized the court and this lack of credibility will stick around for a while. The Supreme Court’s foundational element was its credibility. This is gone now. Whether or not Brett Kavanaugh gets picked, their desire to rig the Supreme Court so a diversifying population will have to still live under White Man-Law shoots their whole desire to control things in the foot. High-level interpretations of the law require a sense of… what’s the word… lawfulness. That feeling is gone now.

It’s all about technicalities and fine print these days. And white privilege.

Eat shit and die, Brett Kavanaugh. I know exactly the type of piece of shit that you are. You make your sex partners wear Ronald Reagan masks and shout compliments at you, then you yell at them for not shouting enthusiastically enough. The oligarchs don’t want leaders, they want white men who make their partners wear Ronald Reagan masks and then scrutinize their acting skills to put them in their places.

White men like this, wherever you are, get your resume together and go find a 1%’er. You will get the job over every other qualified person.

Everyone, please vote.

WVDDVP Part II. Part III. Part IV.


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