When Victories Don’t Deserve Victory Parties, II

The steakhouse is now selling Big Macs.
Kavanaugh Pissy

We’re at the point in the movie where the diabolical fella with world domination on the brain is throwing things after encountering the first obstacles that threaten his construction of the doomsday device.

If the United States Supreme Court were a business, its product, its flagship brand, would be integrity.

In their quest to secure seats on the Court to push their agenda in the decades after the population demographic shifts away from the white majority, the American Right is ruining the core asset of the entity they so desperately lust after.

“Hey… this $45 steak looks and tastes like a Big Mac—”


It’s like a group of privileged, insecure morons bought a copy of Fascism for Dummies, but found the book too hard to read and put it down after the first chapter.

The boys behind this takeover are winging it.

Their minds are too busy coming up with names for their new yachts and reasons to dump their current wives.


Help people secure transportation on voting day.

Register citizens.


This post was a riff off of the first.  Part III. Part IV.

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