I miss fear. Resentment sucks.

Last decade’s mutation has mutated. Spite and mean-spiritedness rule these times.

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I wrote my first book about fear and its prevalence during the first decade of the millennium. Those were the years before sentiments like spite and resentment took over. 

Fear: I miss you, man.

Fear, as an energy, you pulse through the veins and wake the senses. The uglier offshoots who followed in your footsteps dull the senses and shut the mind down.

Fearkiller.Two Volume Set
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Enmity and animosity help rationalize America’s festering white supremacy.

Scorn and rancor gloss over the nefarious agenda of a Republican Party that wants to strike back at the citizenry in revenge for twice losing the Presidency to a black guy.

Fear, I wrote a book about you and your hold over the years 2000–2010. A sequel happened a few years later. A future dark comedy runs around in my skull.

Fear, I’d never write a book centering on those other energies. Sure, some of them could weave their way into a narrative here and there, but the idea itself would focus on more important things. While feelings like bitterness and animosity can potentially add flavor, they can’t carry the story like you can.

Fear: I miss you, man.

2000 to 2010. What a decade.

Sure, 9/11 happened. However, we humans also frowned on swastikas back then. We didn’t debate the pros and cons of Nazism in the 2000s.

Memorial Day, 2019: Blue Horseshoe loves the military industrial complex.


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