Discover how miserable America’s top earners truly are. Self-publish. Part II.

The top 10% of income earners know that the Great Recession benefited them and hurt everyone else. They just don’t like hearing about it.
Fed Reserve Chart
Now ain’t this some shit? From the Federal Reserve Report in the Forbes article. Net Worth by Wealth Group.

Check it out: an article highlighting the fact that the wealth gap is only growing.

Here’s an article about how corporate and larger family farms get first dibs on Big Don’s socialist-but-not-socialist farmer bailout he’s offering to cover for his trade war.

Oh lookie: evidence that the GOP-driven tax cut isn’t helping spur growth.

Here’s a page selling pitchforks.

Don’t let their willful ignorance fool you. The top 10% of income earners do indeed comprehend what they are doing to the masses.

I said it in Part One and I’ll say it again: the top 10% don’t deserve 100% of the blame for the Great Recession and to say otherwise would be unfair. However, the top 10% deserve 100% of the blame for America’s lackluster recovery and current down state. They get their actions, no matter how dead-eyed and tight-lipped they become when you bring up this subject.

I also said this in Part One and I’ll say it again: the non-readers in this group react the worst to hearing about random people doing something they believe in. I learned this fact after writing and self-publishing a few fiction books—two of which are on free download from 5/31 to 6/2.

Fearkiller.Two Volume Set
5/31 – 6/2: free download.

Before self-publishing, I never imagined that the upper 10% of earners who also do not read on a regular basis would be the paranoid, creepy group. I’m no sociologist here, but I’m going to say that their weirdness seems to link to their increasing wealth.

Wealth redistribution.

Let’s keep talking about it.

America’s top 10% must not be deluded into seeing the Great Recession as some contest that they won and someone else lost.

This type of victory does not deserve a victory party.

Check out my Amazon author page. Like I said, The Fearkiller Two-Volume Set will be free download, 5/31 – 6/2. 

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