The Fearkiller BEEN LAID OFF? READ A BOOK. Giveaway

Are you one of the people who was laid off from this Nevada company?

If you are, please contact me because I would like to send you a free paperback copy of my story, Fearkiller. I am offering one to each person who was let go.

(For a quick background, my story is about the post-Millennium workforce and job market. It begins with an incompetent boss getting his comeuppance. To read the first five chapters, click the link on the right sidebar of this page.)

If you are not one of these people, please help me by forwarding this. I would like this post to reach them. The name of the company wasn’t disclosed in the article, but my offer stands.

I would like to send each of these laid off Nevada workers a copy of my story, which I have for sale on Amazon. (Kindle: $7.95)


Joblessness during the years 2000 through 2010 are key themes in my story. As a work of fiction, Fearkiller looks at how forces like fear, uncertainty and ignorance were used in the workforce as our world transformed after the millennium. Look at that decade: the economic instability and constant threat of layoffs, the added stress of increased workloads just to stay employed, the panic, an increasingly ineffective status quo—all of this on top of a world that also tossed REAL threats our way, like 9/11, wars and natural disasters.

As our world drastically changed, how did we change, as people? That’s what I tackled in writing and self-publishing this book.

Read the first five chapters. (A note of caution: violence, profanity, NSFW)

Available at Amazon. Paperback, $9.95/Kindle, $7.95

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