The Denny’s Franchisee “Obamacare Surcharge” Turd Boomerang

The Denny’s Franchisee “Obamacare Surcharge” Turd Boomerang

I have to post stuff like this. Not because of the franchisee’s previous statements though. I am sharing because of the backlash the franchisee received from the Denny’s parent corporation, the subject of the article.

That’s cool.

Franchisee, that was a crappy idea you threw out to the public. Thing is, you didn’t know that you were throwing a poo boomerang. It returned to boink you on the back of the head, just like in the cartoons.

And The Corporate Monolith, Denny’s Corporate, isn’t defending this attempt to induce unnecessary panic. (Or, as I call it, induce another The Recession®.)

Rock on, Corporate America, rock on.

Sometimes, you touch base and self-start to achieve positive outcomes and leverage synergies and ladder back to the solution and don’t mess everything up.

That’s why I wanted to include the word “franchisee” in the headline here, so at least little ol’ me can point out the difference, between the Denny’s Corporation and its franchisee.

(“Turd Boomerang” is a term coined by Luke Sullivan, in his book Hey Whipple, Squeeze This. I originally posted as poo boomerang, sorry for crossing my wires on the subject of #2.)

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