It’s no longer a recession. Call it The Recession®.

Jobs Report just came out. Big surprise: not as many jobs were added.

The employers of the world are pointing the finger at The 44th President of The United States, an American citizen who was born in the State of Hawaii, Barack Hussein Obama. This is 100% his fault, they’re saying.

Can we cut the shit? What we are currently experiencing, I named this entity The Recession® back in August of 2011.

The day that Standard & Poor’s downgraded the United States’ credit rating, I knew that The Great Recession was over. We were now in The Recession®. A group of people wanted to manufacture a bad situation for others in order to create an argument that proves their point of view. (Though artificially.)

The Recession®.

I don’t know about anybody else, but The Great Recession sucked horribly and when there were signs of pulling out of it, I wasn’t complaining one bit.

The people behind the S&P downgrade would NEVER have considered this move if Barack Obama weren’t in office. If a Republican—let’s go further—if we had another Democrat in office and the same toilet-level economy, S&P would have kept the rating at AAA. I guarantee you that.

I called bullshit on the downgrade and The Recession® back then.

And I call bullshit on the weak hiring numbers.

Way to go, Job Creators. You are doing your part to keep The Recession® going.

I know what will fix The Recession®, too, because those behind The Recession® have told me. There is a 100% correlation between the end of The Recession® and the election of Mitt Romney.

That’s the difference between organic, market-created recessions and manufactured horseshit like The Recession®: real recessions don’t have easy solutions.

Real recessions are the natural reaction to a system that can’t sustain itself. And when The Great Recession hit, I don’t know about you, but I looked long and hard at those forces in my life that played a part in my financial stress and thought about how to fix them. How to live better. Cutting waste, living in a way that fit my income level, looking at what was important in life. In an off-handed way, I thanked The Great Recession for these things.

The Recession®, on the other hand, is now officially old. I’m tired of the narrow-minded agendas behind The Recession®. I’m tired of watching them play their game which is

1)            Rig the system to deliver the outcome that fits our narrow-minded agenda.

2)            Use this outcome to—SURPRISE—lay out a case-by-case basis that, on paper, looks like it proves your agenda is correct.

On paper, The Recession® looks real.

But you and I have been through The Great Recession. And now that it’s getting close to the election, we’re still in The Recession®.

If you tell me you don’t know the difference, you’re lying.

P.S. A certain book about the job market during the years 2000–2010 is on sale.

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