Moderate Republicans: New Year’s Resolution for you

This interview with Jon Huntsman is cool. 

(On the eve of the new year and the sheer obstruction going on in Washington, a little politics on this site once again, why not?)

“We can’t be known as a party that’s fear-based and doesn’t believe in math,” Huntsman said. “In the end it will come down to a party that believes in opportunity for all our people, economic competitiveness and a strong dose of libertarianism.”

Being 12/31/12, this article sparked an idea.

I have a New Year’s Resolution for the moderate Republicans of the world. I lay this 2013 resolution out for you in three easy steps.

Attention moderate Republicans, wake up on the morning of 1/1/13 and do this:

1) Look in the mirror.

2) Realize how powerful you truly are.

3) Kick the crazies in your party to the curb.

That group of little minds in your party, the loud ones, it’s okay to see them as a liability to this country. The ones that hate women and gay people, who think nothing of screwing over the working class as long as it pisses off our President—moderate Republicans it’s perfectly okay to join the rest of us in seeing how anti-American they really are.

This Fiscal Cliff fear-monger-fest, their goal is to bring The Recession®.

GOP folk with intelligence and decency can stop them cold, they have the power to do this more than any other group in America.

Moderate Republicans, for 2013: turn your backs on the entitled, narrow-minded oligarchists in your party.

They need you so much more than you need them.

On other note, this is to everybody, here’s to 2013. (I even include the arch-right wing I mentioned earlier in this sentiment. I’m open to the idea of beginning anew, the moderates take over, the right-right backs down, we all move forward—totally down with that.)

One more thing:  check out my book review. (You know I had to do it.)


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