2016: white spite found its white knight.

Who else did nazi this decade coming?
Trump yelling at kid
Just doing a little strolling down 2010s Meme Memory Lane. Stroll. Stroll. Stroll.

Remember the “You didn’t build that!” hubbub during the Obama years? 

Insecure White Americans dangled teabags from their faces and deliberately misinterpreted the black president’s statement about government helping industry, then challenged the rest of America to a fight. Back when it happened, I remember thinking that the supremacists’ crocodile tears, immature posturing, and manufactured rage seemed pathetic and tantrum-esque. 

Hoo-boy…little did I know.

Little did I know that the billionaires’ useful idiots would only mutate their tear-making abilities and rage-manufacturing capabilities in the next few years. And why yessireebubba, they sure did. 

These days, financially-stressed whites tout stock market gains when they themselves do not own stocks. They boast about business-friendly government policies that lead to their own layoffs. They are proud to die off earlier. 

Why? Just because it owns the libs. 

I can just imagine the 1% giggling with a mix of condescension and pity as they watch #MAGA folks do their dirty work, free of charge. When Fox News-watching folks end their lives early, I see the rich folks patting each other on the back and wisecracking about Darwinism. Miserable white Americans’ devotion to the draft-dodger in the White House…I can only guess how the 1% joke about it. 

Blue Horseshoe loves racism. Blue Horseshoe loves Darwinism affecting others and not Blue Horseshoe. Blue Horseshoe loves white people who hate themselves. Because Blue Horseshoe hates itself, Blue Horseshoe loves that it isn’t alone. 

(That’s a Wall Street reference, if anybody feels confused. That movie came out in the 1980s and it is partially responsible for today’s out-of-control billionaire fetishization.)  

My fellow humans, white supremacy is dying. Even though they think that having a fellow white supremacist in the White House protects their way of life, the supremacists are a shrinking minority. But we need to stand strong and look out for each other while white supremacy throws all of its money at its own imminent death in their pointless attempts to stall it. 

In the 2010s, Peter Thiel and other old white billionaires sought to harvest blood from the young. Sometimes, reality fuses with metaphor.

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