The Right wants to be feared and hated, but they’re just hated.

When a white nationalist takes the Electoral College but loses the election by more than three million votes, the numbers do not favor the racist agenda.
Stephen Miller
Somebody might have defecated in the Master Race petri dish. Just sayin’.

Here’s a sure-fire way to tell if a white man is a racist nazi-wannabe ammosexual nincompoop. If his posts, e-mail sign-offs or websites display the following Latin phrase, guess what? That guy is a GI Joke, the type of dude who wears a #bluelivesmatter t-shirt but also prepares for the day when he will need to shoot the cops who attempt to confiscate his gun collection.

The phrase is Oderint Dum Metuant.

“Let them hate, as long as they fear.” 

And if a fella has a tattoo of this Latin phrase, run. Just…run. This much privilege and unearned sense of superiority in one body—by staying, you run the risk of being forced to deal with the temper tantrums of a person convinced that no man is as masculine as he is and besides that, he will be worth billions of dollars one day. If you hurt his feelings, Mister Passive-Aggressive Latin Phrase Man will dial 911 and tell the dispatcher to send in SWAT.

Again: if you encounter this man, run.

Small-government conservatism died during the 2010s. Libertarianism kicked the bucket as well. The Tea Party “movement” from the first years of the decade, its responsible-government-spending platform, has been proven to be nothing but a cover for pushing white paranoia about the black guy in the White House.

Nowadays, the Right is racism, racism and racism. With a side helping of reminding the womenfolk to remember their places.

I write this post the day after Southern Poverty Law Center released this report listing out the many, many, many times that White House Advisor Stephen Miller pushed white nationalist content at Breitbart and urged them to write stories about the content.

Those e-mails provided insight about Miller. He gets pissy when Confederate monuments get taken down or vandalized. He offers rationalizations when alt-righters kill. He reaches out to Islamophobes like Pamela Geller and white nationalists like Richard Spencer. He pushes racist novels like Camp of the Saints.

I hate the fact that this bigot holds a position of such power in our nation’s government. But I love the fact that he and his gang of supremacist chickenhawks and billionaire boot-lickers do not command respect—and they are aware of this fact more than anybody else.

Here’s the thing about the 1%: real leaders scare the piss out of that crowd. The reason that our government representatives—especially the ones in the GOP—lack the ability to manage crises is that the rich fellas don’t want leaders who can manage crises. A 1%-friendly leader cannot handle turbulence and unforeseen circumstances because these were not requirements of the job.

The GOP looks lost and inarticulate these days. This rudderlessness does not bother the rich folks one bit because their financial contingency plans got put in place long ago. They could not care about the masses’ contingency plans—and they sure as hell don’t want one of their “leaders” feeling compelled to use their public office to brainstorm contingency plans for the masses.

Mitch McConnell may be a sycophant who had his tonsils removed so he can better fellate the 1%. But Mitch knows exactly who he is and his soul made peace with this spinelessness long ago.

What men like Mitch did not foresee was the amount of white people who choose diversity over the caucasian tribe. While the Right understood the demographic shift that would push whites into the minority, they believed that most white people would find this news existentially terrifying, just like they do. The GOP envisioned all of us whites banding together with our backs against the wall. Now they stand with far fewer supporters and look out to see a lot more of us white people standing with the people they hate. (And fear.)

Newsflash: there is no “silent majority” of racist white people anymore. Unlike the Nixon years, the Trump years have to deal with the changing demographics of the country. To make it worse for them, a lot of us whites can’t stand their worldview.

What am I saying? Why am I talking about this? The MAGA crowd isn’t “dealing” with this issue one bit. Instead, they intend to continue ignoring the reality and will instead push forward pretending that it is the 1950s again.

(Not the 1950s where the middle class thrived and corporations paid high tax rates, but the 1950s where racism got smiled at and sexually-harassed women shouldered the blame for any and all incidents. Read my old post about this subject.)

The GOP needed the rest of America to play along with its fantasy.

America isn’t playing along.

I love this.

Lemme end this post by circling back to the Latin phrase Oderint Dum Metuant.

Know who first said these mighty words? Caligula.

Emperor Crazy-man. He committed lots of incest, made his horse a Roman Senator, declared himself a god and declared war on another god, Neptune. 

Such a fitting person to think of during the time of Donald Trump.

So…I finally got off my lazy duff and Revolutionizer Alpha is now available in paperback. 

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