Something odd-but-not-odd about Trumpsters using the words of Caligula as one of their war cries.

“Oderint Dum Metuant…Let them hate as long as they fear.” — A guy who committed lots of incest with his sisters and made his favorite horse a Roman Senator, then declared war on the god Poseidon.
Ammosexual Sign
Q: Why did the ammosexual cross the road? A: To shoot bullets at the street sign.

This won’t be a long post.

For reference, chickenhawks who are too lazy to join the military want a civil war. Which is weird.

I already wrote a longer post about this subject. And in general, we’re not talking about one of those bigly-intelligent subjects where a person would need to write multiple posts and break down the idea into bite-size chunks for readers, walk them through the thesis statement point-by-point—actually, when talking about any bullshit related to Donald “Bonespurs” Trump, thinking along the lines where you need to use thesis statements is probably overdoing it.

When it comes to #MAGA, you’re talking about militant mindsets that also think they’re too good to serve in the military. Not a lot of sense-making going on.


The “America” in “Make America Great Again” is the America from the 80s movie Porky’s. Cornball racism. Harassment. White privilege. Shallowness. Superficiality. Mayonnaise. The worst of the 1950s, not the best of that decade.

In recent years, MAGA weathered the Great Recession better than any other group.

They make a lot more money than the average American.

No one is leaving them behind.

But they keep getting all warlike, challenging the rest of America to a “civil war” and making sure that the cops are standing by while they issue their challenges.

Something so Caligula-esque about Donald.

Only Caligula didn’t have access to nukes.

Revolutionizer Alpha is one of those books that touches a variety of genres including political fiction, sci-fi and social commentary without fitting neatly into any single one.

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