What not to say in the 2020s.

Don’t mind me. Just getting a head start on the end-of-decade/beginning-of-new-decade blog posts.

Facebook banned me for 30 days again. Not in the mood to address the topic beyond the pic and caption below. This previous post offers plenty of thoughts about getting banned on social media. 

FB Ban again
Now ain’t this some shit? I posted a response to an article about Big Don enticing his supporters to engage in violence. My thoughts stand. America’s top earners pulled one over on America’s financially-stressed white people. “Hey white people! We hate you and want to grab your wives by their pussies and continue to stash money in tax shelters. If you enable us, we’ll let you take out your pent-up anger and impotent rage on brown-skinned people and other undesirable groups…howzthatsound?”

So…instead of offering more thoughts on this subject…onward and upward.




Moving on, on to articulating some untruths that have been blabbed and babbled and muttered far too many times in our previous years—in fact, they have been thoughtlessly regurgitated enough times that we should officially retire them now.

In a few months, we will be counting down, singing “Auld Lang Syne”, and vomiting into our pointy hats. Let’s not bring the following tired untruths into the new decade with us.

• The 1% works harder than any other group in America. 

• Lower corporate tax rates create more jobs. 

• Passive income generation for a few leads to overall prosperity. 

• Laying off workers to stimulate stock prices is good. 

• Capital gains deserve lower tax rates. 

• Financial instruments that bet against the common good of the country drive growth. 

• Offshore accounts and tax shelters serve a positive purpose and need to be left alone. 

• “Investment vehicles” like donor-advised funds need to be protected and new ones need to be developed. 

• Capping Social Security at its current dollar amount frees up that money so the rich people can re-invest it into the economy.

• GOP talk about raiding Social Security and Medicare to pay down national debt comes from the fact that the GOP truly cares about the financial health of the country.

• Government should never break up the banks. 

• Government should never break up the technology companies. 

• America’s current healthcare system should continue operating as is. 

• Capitalism is good for everybody. 

• Capitalism needs to continue operating as is. 

• Donald Trump got elected by white people who are suffering financially. 

• The 1% is color-neutral and does not support systemic racism. 

• The 1% would never, ever, ever, ever exploit racism and sexism to generate more money to stash in their tax shelters. Ever. 

• America is the land of opportunity. 

• Trickle-down economics is color-blind. 

• Supply-side economics is gender-neutral. 

• Only the smartest students get to attend America’s top colleges and receive the most access to learning opportunities. 

• America is a true meritocracy. 

• Silicon Valley supports its brightest and most energetic minds—regardless of their gender or color. 

• STEM programs should be emphasized and given preference over other majors.

• The Business degree deserves to be lumped in with STEM.

• Silicon Valley workers should pay lower tax rates than teachers because Silicon Valley workers bring more value to America. 

• Teachers get paid what they are worth. The free market does not lie. 

• The free market is an actual “free market” and it welcomes all citizens. 

• White America reacted calmly and rationally when America elected Barack Hussein Obama as its 44th President. 

• White America does not have a billionaire fetish and billionaires do not take advantage of their fetish.  

• Fox News is fair and balanced. 

To be continued. 

In the meantime, if you are friends with me on Facebook and you are reading this, tell everyone hi for me. 

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