So Facebook slaps me with a 30-day ban for using the term “white trash”. Would “caucasian garbage” be an acceptable alternative?

World: we need to figure out how to talk about those who embrace institutionalized cruelty.
FB Ad Dumb
This is so late-stage capitalism. I have two FB professional pages. Since I’ve been banned, they keep sending me  “Reminders” to buy ads.

These Fox News types enable billionaire corruption. They hurt themselves because they know that the rich folks and their white knight Don will hurt other groups worse. The Great Recession widened America’s racial wealth gap. The people who I got banned for slurring, this news brings them happiness. 

I am writing this blog post on the weekend that Donald promised an ICE roundup. As of this posting, nothing has happened yet. But some Americans have been foaming at the mouth thinking about brown-skinned people suffering. The concentration camps at the border don’t entertain them enough.

Contrary to the narrative, the—is “caucasian garbage” okay?—the caucasian garbage I am talking about did not experience major financial stress due to Obama. The median income of the Trump voter was $72,000/year, which is $16,000 higher than the average median income.

I don’t fault them for making money. I fault them for hijacking any sympathy that poorer white Americans might deserve due to the economic stress that targeted lower-income Americans of all colors, including whites. The people I’m talking about are caucasian garbage for stealing poorer whites’ mojo and profiteering from it, then poor-shaming the group afterward.

Being banned for using the phrase “white trash” feels lame, considering all of the open racism I see polluting Facebook’s comments sections. But, in a way, the term itself might not have been the best choice due to its historical baggage. “White trash” demonizes lower-income folks for no other reason than they lack financial power. I want to demonize the folks who are extracting America’s wealth and future, while ruining our educational institutions to create a nation of incurious and scared folks—not to mention committing themselves to fighting climate change, just to show the overwhelming majority of the world who believes in climate change that white dudes are still in charge. I want America to demonize the fuck out of those guys.

A term like “caucasian garbage” carries none of the negative attributes of “white trash”.

Caucasian garbage. High-falutin’ white trash.

Thank you, Facebook. Thank you for banishing me from your kingdom and making me think and write this piece.

America: we need to get serious about the racism that Donald J. Trump cultivates. 

ACLU page with information on immigrants’ rights.

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