Showers of gold, part III.

As the end of the decade nears, America is a patriarchy without a patriarch.
Trump McConnell
Leaders need to connect with people. These two leaders are great at connecting with people who hide money in tax shelters and lay off workers to stimulate stock prices.

Part I. Part II. 

The billionaires of America don’t want the country’s Patriarch gig. Noooo way. Those fellas are too busy interviewing high-priced divorce lawyers and perusing yacht catalogs. 

And billionaires’ biggest enablers—CEOs and execs who dream of reaching billionairehood and interviewing their own crop of high-priced divorce lawyers one day—those dudes turned down the Patriarch job as well. They’re on a quest for the next tax shelter or compounded-interest opportunity. 

Passive income generation. It’s like a giant syringe filled with synthetic testosterone. And its addicts want to ruin the country, not run the country. 

“Can’t your Board of Directors PLEASE propose another round of company-wide layoffs to give the stock price a bump??!!! Please…PLEASE—I’LL SUCK YO DICK!!” 

An annoying thing about right-leaning, high-net-worth types? This juxtaposition of bullshit right here: they seem to be increasingly anti-Semitic and also increasingly money-obsessed—as money-obsessed as the worst of the Jewish stereotypes. 

In their world, white men are “frugal” while Jews are “cheap”. 

Our dying patriarchy runs on two-faced white nonsense like this. It got woven into our country’s fabric by the slave-owning Founding Fathers.

Funny thing: observing patriarchy convulse and spasm on the operating table while bros hit its body with heart-paddles and stab the patriarchy’s heart with adrenaline. 

Besides blatant anti-Semites and other supremacists that responded to a black president by losing their collective minds, there are the fellas who vehemently deny that they hate Jews. Then they hear about the rise in anti-Semitism and think, “So there’s a rise in anti-Semitism…hmmm…better call my financial planner…get me invested in armband manufacturing.” 

Check out my series, Bros: America’s new Jews. I should write a Part IV. No. I will, gollygeewillikers. Some day. 

The patriarchy is dying, but it isn’t dead yet. 

I almost feel sad for the twentysomething bros sporting red MAGA ballcaps. 


Only I don’t because class unity could be a beautiful sight and these white people hinder it, instead trying to connect with richer folks who hate them.

I wrote another post postulating about alternative descriptors for these types of people. When this bro-patriarchy finally breathes its last breath, we’ll need some new terminology.

Part I. Part II. 

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