Fox News America isn’t getting the civil war it wants. Just the civil war it deserves. Part II.

MAGA has its finger on the button. It just dialed “9” “1” and “1” and now its finger is on the “Call” button.

Obama Skeet
I love this pic of the 44th president test-firing the socialism laser. 

A continuation of Part 1. 

I just took a drive, running errands on a nice Sunday, heading down East Colfax near Aurora. If you’re not from Denver, this is a lower-income area. Sadly, it’s a gentrification opportunity. Who knows what it will look like in a few years.

Bro Developer Corp. could have tons of fun leveling brick structures and putting up stucco-and-wood ones in their places, then selling them for way-too-much money.

In lower income areas across America, you’re likely to find at least a few “Pass It On” outdoor boards. I saw the Abraham Lincoln one today, the “Civility” billboard. If you don’t know, this organization gets funded by rich followers of Trickle-Down Jesus. The goal of the public service campaign is to remind people how much money Trickle-Down Jesus and the money-changers shook down from the temple-goers. The financial miracle, never forget.

This billboard featured Honest Abe, the Guy Who Freed the Slaves. There Abe sat, on a billboard above a liquor store, reminding the descendants of former slaves and their Latino neighbors to be civil…

Yeah, rich white men are freakin’.

And, when you’re white, you live in world where everything—except money—rolls downhill. Fox News America’s perspective mirrors how Trickle-Down Economics should work—it demonstrates the general idea of Trickle-Down Economics, just with financially-worthless things like pain and misery. Actually, scratch that. Trickle-Down Economics, even if feasible, could never pass down financial goodness as efficiently and quickly as rich white men externalize their own fear and panic. When rich white men get a case of the freak-outs, they spread that wealth. They don’t spread real monetary wealth, but their bad feelings? They have no issue passing those down to the masses of caucasians.

Now, Fox News America wants to take out its anger on random folks.

Pent-up rage. I refuse to engage in anything resembling a “civil war” with sad, scared, racist idiots boiling over with pent-up rage.

Billionaires want this type of white American as angry as possible, but also deathly terrified of striking back at the Investor Class.

I reiterate what I said in my last blog post: I pledge to follow the advice of John Lennon and be non-violent, also a funny-ass mofo. Chickenhawks don’t deserve a war. Just the truth.


Revolutionizer Alpha is available. $3.99. 


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