Circus seals pretending to be Navy SEALs.

Thoughts about this “civil war” thingie.
Armed Dillholes
These fellas love taking guns inside a state capitol because they know that if any other ethnic group tried this same stunt, they’d be shot dead. Such stunts please the 1%, especially those who invest in gun manufacturers.

Something about this news story link feels so…so…so Don.

TL;DR: his administration wants to exhume bodies of American war veterans in order to build his border wall through the cemetery. 

Take a step back and think about that idea…very Don-Don-esque, isn’t it?

Plus, he knows that this offensiveness will excite the #MAGA-hatted, who will bow down before him because he owned the libs. They love it when a white male is in the wrong, but getting away with it. 

As their idol Gordon Gekko said, “It’s better than sex.” 

Whether it’s awarding Rush Limbaugh the Medal of Freedom or it’s giving socialist-like government handouts to rich farmers, whiteboys get titillated when they observe two-faced shamelessness from one of their own. Getting away with stuff like this keeps these fellas motivated and the 1% entertained. This vibe revolves around thinking that the authoritarian state gives them just a smidgen more than others get. 

The 1% have trained the financially-strapped believers in Trickle-Down Economics well. 

“Hey fellers…howsabout we take all the money and grab your wives by their pussies and automate your jobs, but guess what? You’ll be able to get away with more things than those baddie-bads will be able to get away with—howsthatsound? Oh yeah, we’ll also flaunt our new wives and yachts so you can live vicariously through us. But in return, we want to ruin your family’s healthcare plan as well.” 

And the bros enthusiastically shouted their approval. 

Only lately, last few years or so, the 1% have wanted more from this gun-loving group. They haven’t been investing in bomb shelters and private armies for nothing. Gotta get a return on that gigantic investment. 

Here’s why this country hasn’t had a “civil war” yet: insecurity, passive-aggressiveness, and spitefulness do not qualify as warrior-like qualities. Fox News, the NRA, and Don Trump, Junior keep telling the KK…I mean…the Right wing that war is on the way. And the 1% desperately wants to see one happen because they just bought more defense stocks.

But I have a better idea:

How about us Americans not have a “civil war” instead?

Here’s the best part (besides the lack of death, I mean): it will drive the 1% crazy. They’ll remember the tons of money they blew on their bropocalypse shelters and this will further piss them off. Those super-rich ones who spent the equivalent of lunch money on their Poo-Doomsday stuff? Here’s how those people tick: in their minds, they still spent money that now sits idle and that will make them angrier and angrier. Which will make them even more paranoid about the whole situation. 

So, guess what they’ll do next? 

They’ll blow even more money on Poo-Doomsday nonsense. Whether it’s hiring ex-Navy SEALs or buying more expensive concrete for their bunkers, they’ll be calling the offshore banks and telling them to shift more money from the slush funds to the checking accounts. 

The poorer ones who are leveraged to the hilt because they want to give off the appearance that they run with the super-duper-rich? These fellas will start selling off their yachts and vacation homes to use the money for bigger, more opulent Bropocalypse nonsense. After the richer fellas install twelve-person hot tubs in their bomb shelters, these guys will sell off one of their Air BnB’s so they can put fourteen-person hot tubs in their bomb shelters. 

The more we don’t start gettin’ warry with it, the worse the 1% ends up. And they do want us to engage in a war with each other. If anything, they don’t want to face the fact that their Bropocalypse nonsense might end up being a waste of money. 

I wrote about this mindset in my post, Bros: America’s new Jews. Part II. Part III. 

Shutting this post down. I want to go think about other things.

As I sign off, enjoy this goodness from a man who got taken off the Earth too soon: 

“When it gets down to having to use violence, then you are playing the system’s game. The establishment will irritate you – pull your beard, flick your face – to make you fight. Because once they’ve got you violent, then they know how to handle you. The only thing they don’t know how to handle is non-violence and humor.”

― John Lennon

Funny people are going to win this one.

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